Video: Venya Carolina Fights With Dominican TV Hosts

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I think we just found the Dominican Niurka Marcos!Take a look at this footage of Dominican personality, Venya Carolina, fighting on camera.

The curvalicious momma recently appeared on 'Los Dueños Del Circo,' an entertainment news show on the island's Digital 15 channel.

Apparently Carolina, who reportedly dated Merengue superstar Fernandito Villalona and even did a calendar, wasn't too happy about the hosts' comments. Turns out the guys from 'Los Dueños del Circo' criticized her for gaining weight.

Apparently Venya wasn't having it and unexpectedly arrived at the show's set, ready to lash her claws! Things got so nasty that part of her weave even came off!

While being interviewed about the scandal on 'El Gordo y la Flaca,' the show's host, Enrique Crespo, revealed Venya may have been intoxicated during her stunt and may not be allowed back in the channel!

Venya sent out a press release complaining about the hosts' behavior and saying, 'not only was Venya Carolina dragged on the channel's floor, but so was every woman that has suffered physical abuse in our country.' [ 'no solo se arrastro por el piso de Telemicro a Venya Carolina, sino tambien a todas y cada una de las mujeres que día a día son victimas de abusos en nuestro país' ]

Check out the 2 videos below. The first is a recap of the fight and the second is the entire argument!

Do you think Venya was on drugs? And what do you think about the guys on 'Circo'? Were they defending themselves or attacking back? Share your opinions here...

Venya Carolina.
Venya Carolina.
Photo: Screen Shot
Terra USA/Dennis Pastorizo