Shear Genius Winner: Why Brig Beat The Competition

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So it happens again, the dark horse wins another reality competition. Just like Kris Allen on American Idol and Brandon on Make Me a Supermodel, California girl Brig wins $100K on the latest edition of Bravo's hit series 'Shear Genious.'

Even though audience favorite Janine and Judge Jonathan Antin's golden boy Mathew were the front runners of the competition, it was Brig's futuristic looks that earned her the big cash prize at the end.

These are the top 10 reasons why Brig is pure shear genius:

1. She never underestimated anybody despite the fact that most of the other competitors attacked her every look and outrageous personality.

2. Brig had fun all the time while others kept complaining about every single detail on the competition.

3. She had a set dream and followed it all the way through.

4. Brig's look was unique and made her unforgettable and far from ordinary. The yellow hair will always be her signature style.

5. She didn't make any friends because she never forgot that it was a competition and always understood that anybody could stab you in the back.

6. Brig was smart enough to actually take advice from the great Orlando Pita and not disregard his comments thinking she was already good enough.

7. She defended her hair choices on every challenge and believed that her vision and style were actually shear genius. Even when Linda Wells criticized her at one point, Brig stood her ground and never backed down from her final decisions.

8. Brig never got distracted by Janine's immature attacks and jokes about her persona.

9. At the final challenge, she showed work that had never been done before, leaving the judges speechless.

10. Brig, just like Camila Alves said, is 'way ahead of her time.'

At the end, Bravo delivered the best season yet of the show. I can't wait for next year!

What do you think? Did Brig deserve to win? Share your thoughts right now!

Brig Shear Genious.
Brig Shear Genious.
Photo: Bravo
Terra USA/Carlos Macias