march 26, 2010 • 10:40 AM

Peaches Geldof Involved in Nude Photo Scandal

Peaches Geldof Naked Photos.
Foto: Gawker / VE

Gross! You'd think celebs will learn one of these day. If you don't want your goodies broadcast, then you shouldn't take pictures of them. Bob Geldof's daughter, Peaches, is the latest culprit. Explicit photos after the jump.

Apparently, the photos are from an alleged one night stand Peaches had with a very creepy guy and, as usual, a heroin filled night.

Talk about a good way to get people to stop taking drugs.

The creepyguy that was allegedly involved in the one nightstand with Peaches created an entire blog about their sexual adventures. From getting each other's names tattooed to a drug induced naked dance party, this guy had no shame.

Peaches is quite the celeb in the UK. She has written for the UK version of Elle Magazine and has had several reality shows.

Her father, Bob Geldof, is best known for organizing the 80's super charity concerts Live Aid and the Live 8 concerts in 2005. He's an Irish singer, songwriter, political activist and proud father.

What do you think he'll have to say about this?






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