Paty Navidad Allegedly Bullied By Lucero

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The set of Por Ella Soy Eva has been extremely tense lately if your name is Paty Navidad . Rumor has it that Lucero has been making her life hell along with co-star Mariana Seoane . Read more after the jump.

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Lucero has allegedly been bullying co-star, Paty Navidad, on the set of their new telenovela. According to TV Notas Mexico , Lucero and Mariana Seoane have given Paty the cold shoulder and like to humiliate her.

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The insider says that Lucero "mocks her like a school girl and has fun making hurtful comments."

Paty Navidad was asked by morning talk show Hoy about this situation and she said that she only gets along with the fellow actors she gets to work with. This is true since most of Paty's scenes are with Jaime Camil .

This past weekend radio talk show Formula Dominical caught up with Mariana Seoane to get her side of the story. She said that Paty always has a good attitude and they get along perfectly fine.

We would say that the conflict is to raise ratings, but the telenovela is doing so well in Mexico that there is no need for all this drama. Well, not really, we all love this gossip.

Do you think Lucero is capable of being a bully?


Lucero and Paty Navidad.
Lucero and Paty Navidad.
Photo: Televisa
Terra USA/Armando Tinoco