Naomi Campbell reveals: 'I gave up drinking alcohol'

24 Jan 2013
updated at 12h31
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Life & Style sat down with international supermodel Naomi Campbell , 42, who insists that the catfights, tantrums and arrests of her past don’t define her.

“If people think they know me, they can think again,” Naomi shares with Life & Style , on newsstands now. “Most people think they know me because they say, ‘We’ve seen your pictures here and there for years,’” Naomi continues. “But when I’m not working or anything, I try to live a private, quiet life.”

Living the private life had entailed avoiding joining Twitter until last September and now involves silently continent-hopping between homes in Moscow, London and NYC with hush-hush boyfriend of four years, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin.

Photo: Getty Images

“I’m a gypsy,” she laughs. “I want to see the new wonders of the world and spend quality time with the people I love.”

While Naomi’s travels are indeed lavish, she tries to steer clear of excess in other areas of her life. “I gave up drinking alcohol,” Naomi reveals. “Not drinking makes me a lot happier.”

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