Johnny Weir: Happy to 'Starve for His Art'

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Figure skating champion Johnny Weir, who recently confessed that he is gay, just revealed some shocking details about his personal life in a recent interview.

The famous skater, that we love for his super exuberant performances, released his memoir "Welcome To My World", that contained some prettyscandalous revelations .

In a recent video chat with Perez Hilton, he shared that he was happy to "starve for his art" of competitive figure skating, apparently it was what made him stronger.

How do you feel about his choices to be "anorexia adjacent" in order to be a figure skating champion? Is this the right example that he should share?

Check out the video clip:

What do you think of his very revealing interview? Are you shocked?

Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir
Photo: Getty Images/ AFP
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