Jenni Rivera’s driver license found amongst remains of plane

Dennis Pastorizo
updated on 10/12/2012 at 20h26
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An image of Jenni Rivera ’s driver license-found amongst the rubble of her plane crash-has hit the internet.

 Photo: Courtesy of El Universal
Esta es la licencia de manejo de Jenni Rivera de California, lo cual confirma su muerte
Photo: Courtesy of El Universal

Mexican news outlet, El Universal, was the first to publish the image.

Apparently the ID of pilot Miguel Perez Soto, 78, from Tampico, Tamaulipas, was also found amongst the plane’s remains.

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No word yet on the cause of the plane which took off from Monterey, Mexico, last night.

Other persons who were also reportedly on board the plane were reportedly Alejandro Torres, Arturo Rivera Saavedra (Jenni’s publicist), Mario Macias (lawyer), Jacob Llenares (makeup artist) and Gerardo N.

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